This Wavy Lip Beauty Trend Proves That Pretty Will Never Be Basic

Beauty trends this month is lit! Last week we told you about squiggly eyebrows, now we’ve moved on to wavy lips

Photo: Instagram/looksbylexington

Photo: Instagram/looksbylexington

Beauty trends this month is lit! Last week we told you about squiggly eyebrows, now we’ve moved on to wavy lips. You might think that we’re making this stuff up, but we’re really not. Beauty bloggers today are super inventive with new ways of expressing what beautiful means to them. The great thing about these adventurous beauty trends is that their unique and weird, and beautiful should be an assortment of things, not just the typical looks we’re used to.

Beauty blogger Lexington posted this picture above and got the attention of mega influencer Huda Kattan. That’s when the wavy lip trend went viral. Even though Lexington wrote on Instagram that she was only messing around with this bizarre look, people on social media have really taken it to another level. And while some people might not be into it, the point is that people should feel free to try new things.

Yes, you’re probably wondering if this trend is even real because by the looks of Lexington’s wavy design, it almost looks fake. Some commenters went as far as saying it was photoshopped, but it’s totally real. It’s her pure talent and lip outlining with colors that created that 3D illusion.

Most of the looks we spotted on Instagram took the squiggly eyebrow inspo and added a wavy lip too! Here’s some of those below. Let us know what you think in the comment section.

While we’re totally fans of being express and unique, we wouldn’t recommend this look be worn to just any event. We first recommend you practice that perfect liner in order to create that 3D illusion. And try those multi-color lips too to create an even wilder look.

The most important thing is how to handle the double takes because people will be staring. So if anyone calls you the joker or tries to make fun, be ready with a witty comeback. Cause in the end, some people will just never get it.

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