Photo: Wikimedia/UN Human Rights

Yalitza Aparicio and Diego Boneta Are Working on a Secret Project Together

We’ve been wondering what kind of project Yalitza Aparicio would be working on next after her dynamic role in Roma. We were curious if she had plans to continue working as an actress, considering she never expected this entertainment life in the first place. She actually wanted to be a teacher! It looks like Hollywood still has a hold on Aparicio because she recently made an announcement about her latest project.

In an Instagram post, Aparicio — alongside actor Diego Boneta — said the two of them will be working on a secret project together.

“Yali and I have a surprise for you. I am happy that we are going to work together, very soon you will see what it is,” Boneta said while snuggling up next to her. Did he just call her Yali? Is that a thing we can all do?!

“Of course, it’s a surprise, so you’ll have to wait for the news,” Aparicio replied. Then Boneta continued: “Yali, whatever happens,” implying her historic Oscar nomination, “you’re already a winner.”

Umm, so what’s the project?! Any ideas??


The Roma star is seriously taking Hollywood by storm. Aside from her Oscar nomination, she’s been featured on a slew of magazine covers from Vogue Mexico to Vanity Fair.

“While my time in the business has been short, it has been a source of pride and hope for many people to see someone that looks like me — an indigenous person — starring in an Oscar-winning director’s film. And a big change for Hollywood,” Aparicio said in her Vanity Fair profile.

She’s also meeting so many excellent actors who applaud her role in Roma, including Rami Malek, Charlize Theron, and many more. We’re even confident she’ll be the life of the party come Oscar night.

Now back to speculating what this new project will be about!