30 Hairstyles For Naturally Curly Hair To Rock This Summer

Summer can bring out the playful side in you, which makes it the perfect season to experiment with your naturally curly hair

Photo: Unsplash/@shotbyjudeus

Photo: Unsplash/@shotbyjudeus

Summer can bring out the playful side in you, which makes it the perfect season to experiment with your naturally curly hair. From spiced up half up, half down ‘dos to beautiful protective styles, we’ve rounded up all of the inspiration you need to try something new. Whether your curls are at their maximum potential or in transition, there’s at least one style in here for you.

1. Pinning one side of your hair back can transform your look.

It’s so refreshing!

2. Go full throttle and secure all of your hair to one side.



3. Dress it up with braid cuffs.

It’s all in the details.

4. Half up, half down styles are always a winner.


It will forever give us Selena vibes.

5. Elevate it with a metallic ponytail holder.

The accessory will turn up the glam factor.

6. There’s something so angelic about a middle part.

It’s so sweet!

7. Mix up a half up, half down style with two fun buns.

So adorable!

8. Have some fun with colorful rubber bands.

9. Grab some pearls.


Celebrity hairstylist César DeLeön Ramirêz slayed Yara Shahidi’s hair in this Seventeen shoot.

10. Give a ponytail extra life with some bobby pin action.


There’s nothing boring about this.

11. When in doubt, go for a simple braid.


Rock your natural length or use extensions to add extra inches.

12. Two braids can be killer.

Here for it!

13. Who doesn’t love a pineapple?

The flirty style will always be a hit in our books.

14. Give your pineapple extra flair with a printed headwrap.

Check out our roundup places to buy the cutest styles.

15. A bandana totally works!


It’s all of the statement you need.

16. Embellish your pineapple with some jewels.

This example is all of the convincing we need.

17. Add some temporary color to your mohawk.


This is SO festival ready.

18. You can make a mohawk work with long hair.

This is great for a fun night out!

19. You can never go wrong with a high bun.

This style is a classic for a reason.

20. Double up!

Shake up the game with two buns.

21. Make magic with rubber bands AND hair jewelry.

You’ll be the life of the party.

22. Do a crown braid. 


It’s delicate and creative. 

23. Twist your front sections and take them into a low bun.

We would totally wear this to a wedding.

24. Don’t underestimate a sleek bun moment

It can be so powerful.

25. Try a protective style like box braids.

Add length and experiment with color by using fake hair.

26. A braided ponytail has vacation written all over it.

It’s such a carefree style.

27. Cornrows are also perfect.


Summer ready.

28. Come through with a braided side swoop.


29. Senegalese twists are a popular alternative.

Her smile has us sold.

30. Faux locs are captivating.




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