Camila Cabello Finally Apologizes for Using the N-Word in the Past
Photo: Instagram/camila_cabello
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Camila Cabello Finally Apologizes for Using the N-Word in the Past

For years, there have been rumors on the internet that Camila Cabello used offensive and racist language. The only proof has been on unverified accounts on Tumblr, Twitter, and screenshots of DMs. Now Cabello is addressing that she did use racist language in the past and is apologizing for it. 

“When I was younger, I used language that I’m deeply ashamed of and will regret forever,” Cabello wrote on an Insta-story. “I was uneducated and ignorant, and once I became aware of the history and the weight and the true meaning behind this horrible and hurtful language, I was deeply embarrassed I ever used it. I apologize then, and I apologize again now.”

While Cabello never mentioned the exact words she used, screenshots and Twitter threads show that she used the N-word. There are also allegations that Cabello used the N-word to reference her former Fifth Harmony bandmate Normani

“I’m 22 now,” she wrote. She also shared the post on Twitter by tweeting, “I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart.” She continued, “I’m an adult, and I’ve grown and learned and am conscious and aware of the history and the pain it carries in a way I wasn’t before.” These mistakes don’t represent the person I am or [the] person I’ve ever been. I only stand and have ever stood for love and inclusivity, and my heart has never, even then, had an ounce of hate or divisiveness. I can’t say enough how deeply sorry and ashamed I feel, and I apologize again from the bottom of my heart,” Cabello concluded.

This apology, even though it’s a bit late, does exhibit her maturity and also humility. There are not that many celebs that would admit to this kind of wrongdoing. Cabello didn’t have to say sorry for posting things under a fake profile, but she did, so it seems, from her sincere conscious. By acknowledging the offensive words she used in the past, she can now move forward and not continue to live with her secretive and shameful past. 

It can be difficult to come back from something like this, especially if a person continues to make the same mistake, blunder, or offense, again and again. Just look at Gina Rodriguez. While she continues to apologize for using offensive language, she continues to do so in various ways, which means she has to continue to apologize. That tells us she has not learned from her mistakes, and even worse, she doesn’t understand her ignorance. With this statement from Cabello, she hopefully recognizes the error of her ways and will never speak like that again.