Cool Honduran Gear Catrachas Will Want to Wear

It can be hard (really hard in some cases) to find items which rep your country, which are also cute and fashionable

Photo: Galeano

Photo: Galeano

It can be hard (really hard in some cases) to find items which rep your country, which are also cute and fashionable. Luckily, we did all the internet researching for you, for our regular series on super dope products from each Latin American nation. In this edition, we take a look at eight stylish and shoppable pieces repping Honduras, all day, every day.

The beautiful vintage tooled leather mini backpack pictured above is a great way to rep Honduras without donning a flag tee. This fab, boho accessory will tote all your belongings in style (plus it’s vintage, so it’s one of a kind!) and is available on eBay for just $35.

wp_*postsHonduran White Bat Pin by Noristudio, $12.99

Photo: Noristudio/Etsy

Honduran white bats are native to, well, Honduras (in addition to Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama), plus they’re kinda cute. Noristudio made these adorable bat pins, a perfect finishing touch to your jean jacket or tote bag.

wp_*postsKinda Honduran, Kinda Catracha T-shirt by Flourish & Grace Goods, $24.99-$27.99

Photo: Flourish & Grace Goods/Etsy

This T-shirt sums up the experience of living between two cultures–Honduran and American. Pair it with some jeans and sneakers, or dress it up with a pencil skirt, moto jacket, and heels.

wp_*postsHonduras Mahogany Hair Pin/Scarf/Shawl Pin by McCutch Woodworks, $30

Photo: McCutch Woodworks/Etsy

This really pretty, Honduran mahogany pin is a great, boho accessory that can be worn in a number of ways. You can wear it as a hair pin, scarf pin, or a shawl pin.

wp_*postsHonduras Sweatshirt by GALEANO, $27-$32


Sometimes, you just want a cool tee or sweatshirt that reps your country, while still going with a lot of your other clothes, and not being too loud or tacky. This GALEANO sweatshirt does just the trick, in a neutral go-with-everything navy color, and sleek, classic design.

wp_*postsMayan Artshop Landscape Earrings, $20

Photo: Mayan Artshop/Etsy

You know you want that special item from your country that not everyone else has. That “where did you get that!” item. These earrings are it. Made from lead-free pewter, these unique accessories from Mayan Artshop features “El Picacho,” a mountain in the capital city of Tegucigalpa, which is topped with a statue of Jesus.

wp_*postsGarifuna Nuguya Beanie by Garidesigns, $19.50

Photo: Garidesigns/Etsy

The Afro-Indigenous Garifuna live mostly along the coast of Honduras. You can show off your Garifuna pride with this beanie, featuring the words “I am Garifuna” in yellow (black and yellow are two colors of the Garifuna flag).

wp_*postsVirgen de Suyapa Necklace by Realig, $24.53

Photo: Realig/Etsy

La Virgen de Sapuya is the patron saint of Honduras. Honor her, and your country, with this pretty necklace by Realig.

wp_*postsHonduran Shield Colors for Her T-Shirt by GALEANO, $25


I’ve got good news for you: you can now wear the Honduran coat of arms and still look feminine. GALEANO took the classic, and gave it a wash of flattering, pretty neon colors. Added bonus? For every T-shirt sold, GALEANO will “give one week of food to a person in extreme poverty.”

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