10 Latinx-Owned Spiritual Gifts for the Bruja in Your Life

Brujería and spirituality are only growing in popularity as more of us get in touch with our roots and ancestral wisdom and healing so you likely have a friend or two who identifies as a bruja


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Brujería and spirituality are only growing in popularity as more of us get in touch with our roots and ancestral wisdom and healing so you likely have a friend or two who identifies as a bruja. No matter how they practice their spirituality, there are tons of gifts that fit their interests. Say adios to lip kits, scarves, and journals and say hola to crystals, incense, and sage kits. We’ve rounded up some of the bruja and Latina-owned shops with gifts like Clarity Bath Bag from House of Intuition or Tinted Sand from the Flower Child Bruja. No matter how your they embrace magic in their daily life, they’ll love these 10 gift ideas for self-care and spiritual wellness.


Tiger Eye Point Crystal from b.serene


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Prepare to manifest all good things in 2023 with this Tiger Eye Point, sold by Bianka of b.serene. She sells a variety of stones and crystals that are tailored to a bruja’s spiritual desire. This gift will allow the bruja in your life to stay grounded, bring in creativity, and find emotional harmony with others.

Tiger Eye Point, $25, available at b.serene.co


The Alter Within Book by Juliet Diaz

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Juliet Diaz’s book will allow brujas to create success in every area of their life. In The Altar Within: A Radical Devotional Guide to Liberate the Divine Self, brujas will learn about self-worship, self-discovery, and self-activism. Added bonus? There is a QR-code available upon purchase for mini-courses, video tutorials, journal prompts, and meditations to further their education so it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

The Alter Within: A Radical Devotional Guide to Liberate the Divine Self, $23.49, available at amazon.com


Shakti Devotional Incense from Curandera Remedies

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Curandera Remedies offers this blend of aromas and healing properties that are inspired by our ancestors. This Shakti Devotional Incense releases creativity and feminine energy with its scents of rose, saffron, and spices. This is the perfect gift for the amiga who could use a little extra help creating a calm and soothing environment when life gets a little hectic.

Shakti Devotional Incense, $8, available at curanderaremedies.com


Mini Sage Kit from The Almighty Pineapple


Image: thealmightypineapple.com

If there’s one thing brujas love, it’s a good cleansing tool like this one from The Almighty Pineapple. The Mini Sage Kit comes with a white sage stick and an Abalone Shell. Your bruja friends will be able to use this for new moon and full moon rituals and leave with a renewed sense of clarity and peace.

Mini Sage Kit, $15, available at thealmightypineapple.com


Palo Santo Set from La Boticá


Image: labotanicanyc.com

Palo Santo, used to ward off negative energy and cleanse your home, is an essential item for any bruja. The Palo Santo Set Afro-Dominican brand La Boticá contains 12 sticks sustainably sourced from the coast of Ecuador from aged, dead wood gathered from the forest floor. We love a set that is respectful of the land while also allowing us to continue this ceremonial practice.

Medium Palo Santo Set, $28, available at laboticanyc.com


Tinted Sand for Incense Burning from The Flower Child Bruja


Image: theflowerchildbruja.com

Incense is used for meditation, aromatherapy, and ceremony. The Flower Child Bruja is your one-stop shop for incense, smudges, crystals, and other spiritual tools. Tinted sand is used to help fight feelings of confusion or illness and the color makes a powerful addition to any spell or protection. Choose two colors from red, orange, green, blue, yellow, black, sand, and white.

Tinted Sand for Incense Burning, $16, available at theflowerchildbruja.com


Luna Warrior Earrings from Luni


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Luni sells one-of-a-kind pieces that are created with intention and magic. These Luna Warrior earrings are the newest addition to the Amor Celestial Collection and perfect for brujas who want to show off their love for the moon. These earrings are made with Mother of Pearl beads and gold-filled ear wires and symbolize immortality and eternity.

Luna Warrior Earrings, $50, available at luni.style


 Lavender from The Hood Witch


Image: thehoodwitch.com

The Hood Witch online shop offers knowledge, self-care wisdom, and many more healing tools for the bruja in your life. Founder, Bri Luna, is one of the #WitchesOfInstagram who created this brand to represent her African and Mexican roots. This lavender wand sparks passion, promotes relaxation, and improves sleep. It can also be used to cleanse an entire home or private space.

Lavender, $8, available at thehoodwitch.com


Thick Thighs and Bruja Vibes Sweatshirt from Sabor Latinx


Image: etsy.com

This unisex crewneck is just the right amount of humor and beautiful design details. We love the sun and moon design and it’s a cozy fashion statement for the season. It comes in sizes up to 3XL and is available in a variety of colors.

Thick Thighs and Bruja Vibes Sweatshirt, $38.99, available at etsy.com


Clarity Bath Bag from House of Intuition


Image: houseofintuitionla.com

House of Intuition’s bath bags are hand crafted with unique mixtures for all brujas. The Clarity Bath Bag is made with natural ingredients that are beneficial for your skin, soul, and aura. The sea salt, organic pink roses, lemongrass, and peppermint make for a rejuvenating bath that releases stress and revitalizes energy. Steep ingredients in a warm bath or hang them in the shower to create a steam room in the shower.

Clarity Bath Bag, $8.50, available at houseofintuitionla.com

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