Latina Astrologer Breaks Down Spiritual Methods to Support Mental Health

There has been a rise in prioritizing mental health over the recent decade, and if you ask an astrologist like me I’ll attribute much of the energetic influence to the Pluto in Capricorn transit that began in 2008

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There has been a rise in prioritizing mental health over the recent decade, and if you ask an astrologist like me I’ll attribute much of the energetic influence to the Pluto in Capricorn transit that began in 2008. It has inspired humanity to abolish outdated toxic patriarchy and transform our lives into a more spiritually enlightened perspective.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and appropriately, as we celebrate Taurus season and enter Gemini season in the month of May, we’re called to tune into our 5 senses as ruled by Taurus and pay attention to our thoughts as Gemini rules our minds. Spirituality and mental health are not mutually exclusive of one another. Spirituality is the concept of living in awareness of our consciousness: our mind, body, and soul. Wondering how you can improve your mental health through spirituality? Read on to discover five ways spirituality can help your mind AND spirit.


Positive Support Through Affirmations

Affirmations have grown in popularity among pop culture and among modern spiritual therapists. Affirmations are intentions one sets through the use of supportive phrases that can assist with the immediate rewiring of the subconscious mind. Affirmations can be created for any sort of intention or goal. These are statements used to remind ourselves of the vibration we’re seeking to match and the energy we’re wishing to embody through our actions and thoughts.

Affirmations are supportive to set the momentum for the day. You can create your own set of go-to affirmations to help you combat any negative thinking or limiting mindsets you’re ready to release. Here’s an all-purpose affirmation you can make your own: I am not my thoughts.


Practicing Mindfulness Daily

Mindfulness is the act of paying attention to our present moment. Mindfulness helps us return to the here and now. Oftentimes anxiety takes us into anticipation of the unknown future and depression can keep us stagnant in the past. Mindfulness is an active behavior of pulling our energy inward to reflect on our current state of thoughts without judgment, only acceptance.

Mindfulness in a spiritual context reminds us not to judge ourselves or judge others when we’re feeling provoked or triggered. It is the ability to be observant. Mindfulness can range from paying attention to how we’re nourishing our bodies through our nutrition to how we’re allowing toxic media to infiltrate our minds through the sensationalism of chaos and fear. Practicing mindfulness daily encourages us to pay attention to the experiences and individuals we allow to surround us and how these situations affect our emotions. Here’s how you can practice mindfulness in real-time: Ask yourself, “What is this situation teaching me?”


Making Room for Inner Child Healing

Integrating inner child healing as part of your spiritual practice can be a powerful transformative process. It can be intense work, but it is very rewarding once you begin and notice the positive relief it produces with making sense of our childhood conditioning. Anyone can perform inner child healing and you didn’t have to have had a horrendous childhood to consider making room for your inner child. Inner child healing helps us spiritually tap back into our creativity and imagination. These are two areas of our soul that society has taught us not to acknowledge. By reclaiming your creativity and imagination through inner child healing you can learn to reintroduce yourself to your inner child and awaken deeper aspects of your intuition.

Use your inner child as a vessel to improve your mental health by reclaiming an activity or hobby you enjoyed doing as your younger self. Was it painting or singing? You might feel silly at first allowing yourself to be vulnerable in this way, but that’s simply your ego you have to work past. Your inner child will be happy to see you tapping back into the things that once brought you joy, even if they don’t make sense to anyone but yourself.


Oracle Cards for Self-reflection

Oracle cards are different from Tarot cards and there are plenty of varieties to choose from. There are affirmation oracle cards like Feed The Soul deck by The Salvaged Sawhorse creator Jennifer Velasquez, and there are ancestral healing oracle decks like mine, The Modern Spiritual Latina ® by Esoteric Esa.

First, you’ll want to find a deck that feels right and intuitively calls you for whatever reason. After you choose an oracle deck you can use them daily to activate your intuition and set positive intentions for your day going forward. I like to recommend you connect with your cards, shuffle as needed, and draw a card in the morning to ask your Higher Self to help you understand that energy you’re being asked to step into for that day. Keep that card out on your altar or nightstand so you can refer to it later that evening. When you conclude your day and come home, sit with your same deck and draw a second card that helps you understand how you ended your day. Sit in self-reflection with your two cards and identify how the energy of those cards manifested for you and what your key takeaways are. Oracle cards can help us with self-awareness and accountability.


Finding Community and Support in Spirituality

Finding a spiritual community of like-minded individuals can be a valuable support system for our mental health. It’s wonderful to have an array of friends, especially ones we consider “spiritual friends,” because they are aware of having bad days and good days without holding judgment. Plus, it always helps to have that go-to friend that wants to join you at yoga or sound bowl healing events. Finding community is another way we can feed our souls. Looking to find your spiritual tribe? Not sure where to begin or how to find them? Set an intention at this moment to the Universe. Ask the Universe to bring you your next platonic spiritual soulmate. Trust and receive. Watch the Universe deliver.

May you manifest wisely.

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