30 Cut and Hair Color Trends You’ll See Everywhere This Spring

Photo: Daily Camila Cabello/Pinterest

When deciding what haircut and hair color to sport this spring, it is important to know what works best for you. You have to take into consideration your hair type, texture, your face shape, and how much styling you want to have to do every day for it to look the way it’s supposed to (i.e. how it looked in the salon). While trends come and go, you will have a few haircuts and colors that will be your signatures, the ones you can always fall back on, and the ones that make you look your best.

That being said, there is nothing more fun than checking out the latest and greatest hair trends. What colors are going to be big this year? What haircuts will everyone run to their stylist asking for? What are the looks that will be seen on the runways and red carpets, then on the streets (or vice versa, as is more and more the case)? An on-trend cut and color instantly makes you look stylish, chic, and in the know. The best part is that there are usually a handful of trends each season, so there’s a good chance that one or more might pique your interest and look fab on you! If not, why not start your own?

In an effort to always be in the know, whether we try out these trends or not, and to bring this fresh new information to you, our loyal readers, we are sharing 30 of the biggest haircut and hair color trends that you will definitely be seeing all over the place this year. It’s up to you to decide if you want to try one of these or several! Have fun with it! Or none at all if you already rock a tried-and-true fabulous style and color.




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