30 Cut and Hair Color Trends You’ll See Everywhere This Year

When deciding what haircut and hair color to sport, it is important to know what works best for you

Photo: Unsplash/@honeyyanibel

Photo: Unsplash/@honeyyanibel

When deciding what haircut and hair color to sport, it is important to know what works best for you. You have to take into consideration your hair type, texture, your face shape, and how much styling you want to have to do every day for it to look the way it’s supposed to (i.e. how it looked in the salon). While trends come and go, you will have a few haircuts and colors that will be your signatures, the ones you can always fall back on, and the ones that make you look your best.

That being said, there is nothing more fun than checking out the latest and greatest hair trends. An on-trend cut and color instantly makes you look stylish, chic, and in the know. The best part is that there are usually a handful of trends each season, so there’s a good chance that one or more might pique your interest and look fab on you! If not, why not start your own?

In an effort to always be in the know — whether we try out these trends or not —we are sharing 30 of the biggest haircut and hair color trends that you will definitely be seeing all over the place this season and beyond. It’s up to you to decide if you want to try one of these or several. Just have fun with it.

wp_*postsCurtain Bangs

A lot of the haircuts trending right now are modernized versions of celebrated 1970s styles. One of these styles is curtain bangs. They soften up long hair, frame the face and eyes, and give a dose of sex appeal to hair. And they are a lot less high maintenance than other types of bangs. Curtain bangs look great with naturally wavy hair, and they just give off that I-don’t-care-but-I-do vibe to your tresses. Layered haircuts are also going to be big, in a variety of iterations, so these bangs are just the finishing touch a lot of these styles need.

wp_*postsBlunt Bob

Okay, so the ’70s are back in style, but that doesn’t mean that the ’90s have gone anywhere. If you have the very on-trend ’90s blunt bob, there’s no need to grow it out because it’s still going to be big for 2019. The all-one-length style instantly makes your hair look and feel thicker, and the lack of layers also can make it easier to style for some people. We have seen this bob styled super straight, wavy, and full-on curly — and the result looks amazing across the board. Another good thing about the ’90s blunt bob is that it is timeless, so even though it’s on-trend now, it will never really go out of style.


Now, let’s take a look at a hair color trend for the year: ponylights. Pony what? Although they sound like radical My Little Pony, candy-colored streaks, ponylights are way more natural and wearable. According to the experts over at Modern Salon, ponylights are achieved by sectioning the hair into ponytails and then feather painting the color where the highlights will ultimately be. The result is said to be super natural-looking, without hard lines. The color will be darker towards the roots and gradually lighter at the ends.

wp_*postsSolid Brunette

For those natural brunettes, or those wanting to darken or lighten their hair to a rich brown color, you’re in luck. Solid brunette is a color trend for 2019! Not everyone wants to get highlights when the weather warms up, and a solid brown color can look so rich and velvety, that no highlights are even needed. Browns seem to be a thing in general, as we have seen the words “chocolate,” “coffee” and “cold-brew” thrown around to describe the on-trend hair colors for the year (more on that later). We have also seen several celebs (such as Emilia Clarke and Charlize Theron) go much darker, opting for a deep brunette hue.

wp_*postsFrench Girl Bob

Another hairstyle that pops up as a hair trend, but has never really gone out of fashion is the French girl bob. With this hairstyle, you have the option to throw in some bangs. The entire look could be worn straight, but there is an added sexiness and chicness that comes from letting any natural waves give the bangs and rest of hair a stylishly messy look. wp_*posts

Tapered Cut

It’s starting to warm up, and you might want to cut your hair so you can enjoy the spring and summer stylishly, and without getting too hot. A tapered cut is a great way to wear your natural hair and have length on the top, but cut or shaved down on the sides and back to leave your neck free and ready for the hot weather. Regardless of the weather, a tapered cut is just pretty, edgy, and gives us ultra-cool ’90s vibes. You can also customize this cut to suit your hair, face shape, and personality the best, which will make it a truly one-of-a-kind style.

wp_*postsNeon Yellow/Mustard Yellow

You’ve probably noticed that hair color trends have featured out-of-a-Crayola-box, vibrant colors for a while now. We have seen all kinds of pastels, neons, and rich hues that confirm that alternative hair colors can look beautiful, stylish, and flattering. Sometimes, you just want to have fun and try something totally new. One of the wow colors of the moment for hair is a bright yellow. We have seen this is a straight-up highlighter neon yellow, as well as rich mustard, or marigold, hue. It’s something so bold, bright, and unexpected, that we are excited to see more of this colorful trend.

wp_*postsModern Bowl Cuts

Okay, the term “bowl cut” may make you nervous, and want to run away from the stylist’s chair, but the modern version of the much-made-fun-of ’80s kid haircut is totally cool. These styles can be soft, rounded and feminine, or edgy, severe and androgynous. You can save the sides and back, or rock is more like a pixie cut.

wp_*posts’70s Shag

Remember that we said the ’70s are back in a big way? We weren’t kidding! Shag haircuts are everywhere, and they can be customized for your specific hair. We have shags look great on straight hair, wavy hair, and the tightest of curls. You can have your stylist create volume where you want it, add layers where you need them, and cut your hair so it ends up looking like a rad throwback halo of awesome.

wp_*postsSoft Jade

Don’t want to radically change your hair to an intense color? Don’t worry, soft pastels aren’t going anywhere. Soft jade green looks so dreamy and flattering and offers just a hint of color to bleached hair. If you’re feeling more adventurous, just add more green. You can always add in a wash-out or semi-permanent color if you want to try the color out without too much of a commitment.

wp_*postsWhite-Blonde Babylights


There was a time — like the ’90s and ’00s — where highlights were so streaky and obvious. Now, we are seeing on-trend highlights that are much more subtle and simply add dimension to your hair color. Babylights are in, especially white-blonde ones that add lightness and brightness to already-blonde hair.

wp_*postsBlunt Bangs


Bangs are in. We have curtain bangs, baby bangs, and blunt bangs to choose from this year. Blunt bangs will completely change up your existing haircut, and will instantly draw attention to your eyes, and make you look years younger. You can make yours more on the thinner side, or add more hair for a thicker fringe.


There is no time like now to go grey or silver. The colors are both on-trend this year, and allow women to embrace their greys and silvers, should they have them. Seriously, there is nothing prettier than a youthful-looking woman with long, striking grey, white, or silver hair. It’s natural, bold, and doesn’t push you into a box of having to make yourself look younger in every way.

wp_*postsTextured Pixies

The pixie cut is another classic haircut that never really goes out of style but continuously gets the modern upgrade here and there. A textured, dramatic pixie is one of the short-hair trends for 2019. It gives you all the length, movement, and drama you need on top, but keeps the style short and close to the head, or completely shaved down on the sides and back.


It might be due to Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2019 being Living Coral, but all kinds of coppery hair colors have been sprouting up. It’s a definite trend and ranges from a slight coppery tint to full-on rich, bright, or deep copper hair. This will look great on warm skin tones and is a great change for brunettes who want to lighten their hair or blondes who want to darken, without going all the way to the opposite extremes.



It’s spring, so obviously a lot of those Easter-y pastels will be floating around. And everyone seems to love, and not want to give up pastel-colored hair. We have seen soft jade green, super light blue (which is another trend), and lilac. This lilac is so pretty, soft, and ethereal — you can’t stop looking at how awesome the color is.

wp_*postsBaby Bangs

Bangs are an on-trend, and easy way to change up your current hairstyle. Or, you can add them to a totally new cut. One of the many trendy bangs of the year is baby bangs. They are visibly much shorter than the average bangs, adding a cutesy, young, and funky look to your hair.

wp_*postsShadow Roots

Highlights can be great, but certain ones, especially the back-in-the-day variety, were so obvious that you had to rush to the salon any time your roots became visible. According to Allure, shadow toning adds natural-looking shadows to the hair, making the transition from your natural roots to the rest of your highlighted hair, more seamless. The result adds depth and dimension to your overall hair color. This also means that you can go months without a touch-up.

wp_*postsVanilla Lilac and Lilac Champagne

Remember we mentioned that lilac is an on-trend hair color for 2019? If you don’t want to have such an obvious, rich dose of color, why not try the equally-trendy vanilla lilac or lilac champagne? First stepping on the scene in late 2018, Marie Claire described vanilla lilac as a “brunette roots fading to cinnamon and vanilla hues, that gradually lighten to pastel lilac ends.”

wp_*postsLong Layers


Maybe you don’t want to get rid of your hair length. An on-trend alternative that will give you more volume and movement are long layers. Your stylist will add these where they make the most difference and improvement, and to help achieve the look you want. Layers we have heard are on-trend include chandelier layers, cascading layers, invisible layers, and shaggy layers.

wp_*postsCurly Shag

Curly shags are just one of the latest and greatest curly cuts that allow your curls to bounce and move freely, at their very best. The layers release the weight on the curls, and the right stylist will know exactly where to add in those shaggy layers. Ideally, this will be on dry hair, so he or she can see how your hair moves and will move with the cut. The result will be a face-framing, voluminous cascade of curls.

wp_*postsCurly Bangs

You can throw curly bangs into your curly shag, or any other number of great curly cuts that we have seen and love (DevaCut, Rezo Cut, etc.). Who said that bangs are just for straight hair or have to be straightened? Curly bangs frame the face and blend into the rest of the hair, creating a halo-like effect of voluminous, healthy, and bouncy curls.

wp_*postsShaggy Pixie Cut

What do you get when you put together the on-trend shag with the on-trend pixie? A shaggy pixie! It gives you the messy-yet-cool long layers on the top and the shortness on the sides and in the back. It’s easy to style and can be made sleek when necessary, and messy-chic whenever you want.

wp_*postsMocha Highlights

If you want to add some dimension to your already-brown hair or want to lighten or darken your hair to brown, but don’t want just a solid brunette color, why not try mocha highlights? It will warm up your color, and lighten up a darker brown just enough for the warmer seasons.

wp_*postsBold Pink

It’s on-trend to think pink! We have seen all kinds of on-trend pink colors for hair, from the lightest baby pastel pink to in-between rosy hues to the most intense rich dark pinks. Choose one that looks best on you — cooler pinks will look better on cool skin tones, while warmer pinks suit warm-toned skin the best.

wp_*postsInternal Layers

Sometimes, you want volume and movement for your hair, without adding in obvious layers. If this is the case, you should get in on the internal layers trend. It adds layers to your hair that appears to be invisible to the eye. You get all the benefits of layers, without the look.

wp_*postsWarm Blondes

There’s a lot of warmth on the horizon when it comes to hair color trends. Several warm colors and highlight colors make up the overall hair trends for the year. This includes warm blonde colors, such as margarine, honey, and cream soda (sounds like a grocery list!). But if warm blonde isn’t your thing, fear not. Cool icy blonde is on-trend as well.

wp_*postsWarm Browns

The warm trend extends over to brown hair as well. The colors that we have seen and read about for hair include those mocha highlights, coffee brown, chocolate, and cold-brew (some more food-type hair hues). Adding in just a few expertly placed highlights can really break up flat or too-dark hair, and add in some dimension, shine, volume, and movement, without having to leave brown hair behind at all.

wp_*postsTriangle Cut

Another haircut which gives off major 1970’s vibe is the triangle cut. The word “triangle” can make girls with curls nervous, but the triangle cut is an intentional style and nothing like the Christmas tree that stylists who don’t understand rizos often give curly-haired women. It takes natural curls and coifs them into a voluminous style that is super flattering.

wp_*postsLiving Coral

When Pantone releases its Color of the Year, you can guarantee that we are all going to see that wondrous hue all over the place. In clothing and accessories, home decor, makeup, and even in the hair. No matter what the color, there will be daring stylists and clients ready to change tresses to Pantone’s yearly choice. 2019’s color is Living Coral, and we have already seen subtle and bold iterations of this warm, tropical hue in hair color.

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