10 Inspirational Fashion Pieces to Get You Motivated for 2019

A new year is here, and we are determined to make it so much better than the last one

Photo: Rebel Us Apparel/Etsy

Photo: Rebel Us Apparel/Etsy

A new year is here, and we are determined to make it so much better than the last one. Change, success, and constant motivation are hard to maintain, so we will take inspiration and positive vibes wherever we can get them. Even better if they come in the form of stylish, adorable T-shirts and sweatshirts we can wear — and inspire others with! Here are ten fab tees and sweatshirts that will help you reach your 2019 goals in style.wp_*posts

The Revolution is Here Tee by Legendary Empowerment, $20


The revolution is here, so why not let everyone know? This tee by Legendary Empowerment will make you feel like an empowered badass.


Educated Brown Badass Bonita Tee by brownbadassbonita, $25

You’re educated, brown, badass, and bonita. Thankfully, Brownbadassbonita makes a shirt that we can all wear in pride shouting out these facts.


Feminist Tee  by GreenBoxShop, $23

Photo: GreenBoxShop

The great things about shirts are that with them, you can wear your identity, your views, and your truth, without saying a word. This hippie-esque feminist shirt throws it back to Women’s Lib, but is perfect for the feminist movement of today.


Latina Power Sweatshirt by Jen Zeano Designs, $46

We are Latina, and in that is so much power. These sweatshirts from Jen Zeano Designs lets that truth be known. Added bonus? They come in different colors!


Latino Hustle Sweatshirt by wearemitu, $40

Photo: wearemitu/Etsy

We know how to hustle, and hustle hard. Mitu crafted a sweatshirt that will remind you of what you can accomplish this year, because it’s part of your DNA m’ija!

wp_*postsSoy Fuerte Soy Mujer Tee by Rebel Us Apparel, $22.50

Photo: Rebel Us Apparel/Etsy

There is so much strength that comes with being a woman. Rebel Us Apparel reminds us that we can handle anything that comes our way in 2019 with their “soy fuerte, soy mujer” tee.


La Jefa Hoodie by AngieEtc Boutique, $38-$40

AngieEtc Boutique/Etsy

You are the boss of your life. You may also be the boss of your own business, and heck, the boss of everything. Stay warm, and swaggy, in AngieEtc Boutique’s “la jefa” hoodie.

wp_*postsViva La Latina Tee by TheGenCo, $25.50-$29.50

Photo: TheGenCo/Etsy

You can be fierce and cutesy at the same time. TheGenCo’s “viva la Latina” tee, which supports Latinas in Barbie-esque pink font, proves it.

wp_*postsFeminist Sweatshirt by Joseph+Sue, $54

Women succeed thanks in part to the amazing women who came before us. Joseph+Sue put a bunch of heroines — Frida Kahlo, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Maya Angelou, Amelia Earhart, Dolores Huerta, Coretta Scott King, Malala, Harriet Tubman, and Eleanor Roosevelt — on a sweatshirt, so we can take female empowerment and inspiration with us on the go.

wp_*postsSi Se Puede Tee by Three Wolves, $24

Photo: Three Wolves/Etsy

We need to hear that we can do it. We can succeed, and we can make our dreams happen. Three Wolves emblazoned a tee with Dolores Huerta’s slogan from the Chicano Movement —”si se puede”—because yes we can!

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