8 Ways to Finally Say ‘No’ to Azúcar

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Tres leches. Flan. Pastelito de guayaba. Cajeta. Alfajor. Churros. Need I go on? Latinxs make seriously amazing sweets. With our penchant for all things dulce comes a greater risk of health problems like Type 2 diabetes (we’re 50% more likely to die from this than white folks) and heart disease (our number 1 cause of death in years past). Suddenly it’s not so appetizing, right? It’s hard to kick the sugar habit, especially when it seems like there’s always something sweet to eat. But don’t worry. It’s not too late to start implementing some low and no-azúcar habits to your daily life.

Ask For Your Cafe Cubano Sin Azúcar

I know, I know. It’s not the same. But think about it. Cuban coffee is already like drinking jet fuel, isn’t it? Sugar will definitely add to that initial hype, sure. Afterwards, though, you’ll be left crashing much harder than if you just stick to the caffeine.

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