‘Latinistas’ is the World’s First All-Latina Fashion Doll Line

It’s 2023 and we’re just now getting a line of Latina fashion dolls celebrating our cultura and diversity

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It’s 2023 and we’re just now getting a line of Latina fashion dolls celebrating our cultura and diversity. Purpose Toys has announced the launch of Purpose Toys LATIN with the launch of  “Latinistas,” the world’s first and only all-Latina fashion doll line sold market-wide at major retail, according to a press release.  Las Amigas — Lola, Liv, Julianna, and Dani — each come with a backstory, an inspiring mantra, and a unique fashion style. They’re also racially diverse and hail from different states in the U.S. with a large Latinx population. The original four dolls will be available at Walmart, Target, and Amazon in August.

“Before Latinistas most Latina dolls were positioned as a ‘friend’ or ‘sidekick’ in an otherwise non-Latino toy line. As this is the case, many sidekick dolls reflect the same general look across most mainstream brands. Medium brown skin, dark hair, dark eyes. It was important for Purpose Toys LATIN to reflect a fair amount of diversity in our dolls, while also celebrating regions of the U.S. with some of the largest Latino communities,” Diana Garcia, Head of Social Impact and Social Media, Purpose Toys LATIN, tells HipLatina.

Lola, Liv, Julianna, and Dani are from South Floria, New York, Southern California, and Texas, respectively. Lola is a design student while Julianna is an art student and Liv is a singer and Dani an aspiring author. They each have respective dicho that’s in English and Spanish. For example, Julianna’s is: “El Arte Viene del Alma” – “Art Comes From the Soul”.

“Latinistas were created to celebrate the cultural nuance, the beauty and pride of the Latino community. As the number of Latinas obtaining college degrees continues to grow, it was important for Purpose Toys LATIN to promote education, inspire creativity, in addition to celebrating the cultural foundation of love of Family, love of community and love for la cultura!,” Garcia explains. :We created the ‘dichos’ for each of the Latinistas to help reinforce what was important to las Amigas, while bringing their fun and unique, individual personalities and stories to life.”

Seventy-three percent of U.S. parents appreciate that today’s toys are more progressive and diverse than when they were kids, and 68 percent expressed interest in purchasing toys that expose their children to diversity and teach inclusion, according to 2023 reports from the Toy Association. Diversity and representation matter and for young Latinas to see themselves represented in a doll goes beyond just having a meaningful toy, it’s about taking up space and letting young girls recognize their stories are important.

“Ultimately, we want Latino children to be seen and represented. Culture is such an important piece of who we are, we don’t want children to lose this. This brand is about giving Latina girls the spotlight, honoring la cultura and encouraging them to see themselves as “the main character”….because they are,” Garcia explains.

Garcia shares that there are plans for the brand to continue to grow and it will result in a “range of diversity in character” in the future. For now, consumers can expect to receive the doll plus her accessories and the box featuring her story and mantra.  Purpose Toys, established in 2020, was founded as a pipeline to major retail for toy entrepreneurs of color and initially launched their “Naturalistas” doll collection, the world’s first all-Black line of natural hair fashion dolls carried at major retail. Now with PT LATIN, consumers can expect that level of representation for our comunidad.

“Latinistas presence in major retail is a huge ‘win’ for us and for the community. As we celebrate this ‘win’ together, let us continue to celebrate who we are and where our families come from. As a Latina, stand proud in your heritage and continue to be passionate and intentional in your goals and pursuits. And as a community, let’s continue to uplift each other always.”

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