We’re In Love With Natalie Alcala’s Fashion Mamas — A Members-Only Network for Creative Moms

In 2014 Natalie Alcala launched Fashion Mamas — a members-only network exclusively for creative moms

Photo: Instagram/nataliealcala

Photo: Instagram/nataliealcala

In 2014 Natalie Alcala launched Fashion Mamas — a members-only network exclusively for creative moms. The network began with 10 and now, three years later, they have more than 400 members worldwide, and we desperately want to be a part of it.

Alcala, a former fashion editor, founded Fashion Mamas in order for women who worked in creative fields to find support, network, and camaraderie with like-minded women.

“This stylish and modern group offers monthly members-only events where mamas can network, collaborate, talk business, talk motherhood, and seek non-judgmental support — all while watching our little ones grow together,” Alcala states on her site.

The network is made up of women from every background and every cool job you can think of, from bloggers, to designers, actresses and models. So why is this sort of group crucial to creative moms? Here’s one testimonial.

“Just last year, I realized that there wasn’t any value in all my hard work without having a tribe to celebrate and grow with,” Heather Roma, a fashion consultant and pop-up shop producer, said. “I told myself ‘I will find my tribe.’ I put it out in the universe and, low and behold, a friend of mine posted about becoming a new member of Fashion Mamas. I’ve never felt like I belonged so much; I’m inspired every day by the beautiful and strong women in this group and feel so pampered every time I get to go to a Fashion Mamas event! The relationships and partnerships I am building from this group are priceless. Thank you, Natalie, for creating this community and for letting me be a part of it.”

Here’s another personal story by Annette Vartanian, a blogger at A Vintage Splendor:

 “On a personal level, I’ve met you so many inspiring and amazing mamas through Fashion Mamas. I love that I get to spend time with like-minded women who are dedicated mothers and kick-ass entrepreneurs. On the business front, I was able to connect with FMLA member Yvette Charlton and help her with some digital ad campaigns for her brand, La Vie Boheme Yoga. Yeah!”