The Quintanilla’s Drop an Official Selena Merchandise Collection

For lovers of Frida Kahlo, you know there’s never a shortage of Frida merch

Selena Quintanilla

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For lovers of Frida Kahlo, you know there’s never a shortage of Frida merch. It’s everywhere. The same can be said for Selena Quintanilla, and now there’s even more. The Quintanilla family have announced the sale of official Selena merchandise.

As we reported earlier this year, Selena’s family filed to trademark an official makeup line — which should not be confused with the MAC Selena makeup line. This new official Selena merch is entirely separate from their deal with Forever 21. Yes, we know it’s confusing. The bottom line is: the family wants to be tied to everything that is making money with Selena’s name, and it’s their right, she is their daughter and sister.

The site About page declares: “Selena’s living legacy shines as strongly today as it did in the midst of her rise to stardom, paralleled only by the vibrancy and relentless community that is her devoted fanbase. As an official Selena apparel and merchandise destination, all of our designs, products, and messaging are made with love and with the Quintanilla family’s guidance and approval, to honor Selena and those who love her.”

The intention behind this new fashion venture is just a bit perplexing considering they threatened to sue indie fashion vendors that featured Selena’s image or her name. It’s a bit odd that they mention Selena’s devoted fans when they don’t want fans to promote their Selena fandom. So the Quintanillas now have various TV deals about Selena, a couple of fashion collections, a makeup line soon to be released, a grocery bag, a coffee mug, have we missed anything? Perhaps Selena the movie part 2? Now that we got that out of our system let’s take a look at the actual merchandise.

Selena’s sister, Suzette, promoted the new merchandise on her Insta-story and showed how the items get delivered in a Selena box.

They’re also selling a cute black hoodie for $40, t-shirts for $20. There’s stuff for kids and men too.

If you’re interested to see more, click here.

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