15 Spring Fashion Trends to Rock Right Now

Spring is here, and with it comes warmer weather, blooming flowers, and chirping birds

Photo: Unsplash/@omarlopez1

Photo: Unsplash/@omarlopez1

Spring is here, and with it comes warmer weather, blooming flowers, and chirping birds. We can’t help but want to celebrate with adorable, equally-colorful and cheerful clothes. This time of year is always perfect for getting out of the winter rut and trying new, fun colors, prints, and accessories. It gives us all an excuse to lighten and brighten our wardrobes with pastels, neons, and other on-trend options.

What are those trends you ask? It’s quite the task to look at all the fashion runway shows, and pick out the common trends, which are six months ahead of schedule. Or search through several websites to find what everyone is reporting on. Let’s not forget looking at current street style on Instagram and beyond to find how people are interpreting those ideas right now. Who has the time, right? Luckily, we did all the style work for you. We looked at all the top trends in clothing, shoes, and accessories, for spring of 2019, and chose 15 that will be fun to try out. Now all you have to do is try them!


Bows are back for this spring. You will be seeing the feminine staple in hairstyles, on shoes, clothing, bags, and more. There are so many ways you can rock bows. You can wear one on your ponytail or sport a huge bow as a tie or on your handbag. You can go for a super girly look or add a moto jacket or a pair of distressed jeans to add an edge to the look. This trend is really fun because it’s totally DIY. All kinds of gorgeous ribbons cost only a couple of dollars at the local craft store, and you can easily wrap a bow into your hairstyle, or attach bows onto your existing clothing and accessories. Have fun with it! Not everyone is a bow person, so if this trend is not your style — skip it! There are plenty more fabulous spring trends you can choose from this year.

Oversized Sunglasses

Remember those tiny little sunglasses that were in just last year? While they are still in style for the year, the fashion pendulum has also swung in the completely opposite direction for spring and summer 2019. It’s also all about huge and shield/visor sunglasses. They’re dramatic, and really stand out as an accessory. And there are a variety of styles to choose from. You can go for sporty, snowboarder-esque sunglasses, the also on-trend ’70s bifocal style, oversized cat eye frames, oversized square, and more. There is something for everybody in this year’s sunglasses trends. It’s all about having fun and trying something different with your eye accessories. Stylist tip: If you’re the type to rock a trend after it goes out of style, then make sure to get the item on the cheap! That way you can donate it after, without the sense of guilt for having spent too much on it.

Chain Link Jewelry

Some of the trends that come back never really ever went away. A perfect example is chain link jewelry. We have been rocking these for what seems like forever. It strikes the perfect balance between rich luxury and bold, hip-hop vibes, and always makes a statement. You will see chain link bracelets, earrings, shoes pretty much anywhere you can sport a chain. It’s a throwback, classic look that will add a little bit of shine to whatever you wear it with. Try some chunky chain link jewelry with a white tee and distressed jeans!

Platform Shoes


The ’70s are back, and in a lot of the on-trend hairstyles for the year. Think curtain bangs and shag haircuts. The disco decade is also back in terms of clothing and accessories. Platform trends will be major this season. Models walked down the runways for Spring 2019 sporting 1970s heeled platforms, Geisha-style sandals, and flatforms. They’re the perfect way to add height and dramatic style to any of your outfits, and chances are, you have one of these platform styles in your closet already. Did we mention they look especially great with a pair of wide-leg pants?

’70s Crochet

If we’re going to talk ’70s trends, we have to talk about crocheted looks because they are going to be everywhere this season. Crocheted fabric adds instant texture to an outfit and gives off a laid-back, boho vibe that is perfect for spring and summer. Looks done with crochet were seen in bright colors, earth tones, and neutral-yet-striking black and white. There were solid colors, stripes, and more intricate patterns. If you like the texture of crochet (and note, there are a variety of designs), there is something out there for you. If you know how to crochet, you can even make something like a headband, skirt, or something else for yourself without spending too much.


The big PVC and transparency trend from last year isn’t going anywhere for 2019. In fact, the rumor is that the trend will get even bigger this year (although some are tired of the trend). This is another style that you can take part in a variety of ways. Try some clear acrylic hoops, a clear tote bag (this is fun if you fill your bag with fun, colorful, things), or some PVC sandals. You can choose whatever accessory or clothing item that works best for you for this trend. Again, if it’s something you won’t wear in a year, you shouldn’t invest too much money on it.

Colorful Suits


Suits are great, but can easily look outdated and way too office-y when they’re not the right cut, and are always in the professional colors of black, grey, and navy. That’s why the colorful suiting trend is so fun. This season you’ll see suits in flattering, cool cuts and in a rainbow of colors, from mint to hot pink. The result is fresh, modern, and feminine, done in a very chic way. We have also seen suits made up of pieces in different colors for a color block effect, which is the next step in boldness. Have fun with this colorful trend!

Acid Wash Denim

Reading the words “acid wash” can be a little scary if you remember the style during the ’80s and ’90s. But, believe it or not, acid wash denim is back! We have seen it in jeans, jean jackets, jean skirts, dresses and more, but like other throwback trends, the acid wash trend looks more stylish and modern now. And you can control how much of this denim you wear. You can try a pair of acid wash jeans with a black top, or be daring and try a head-to-toe, dress or jeans with a jean jacket look.

’80s Shoulders

The ’80s are present in several trends for 2019. Another one of them is the poofy, strong shoulders that were so in vogue during the decade of Dynasty. Some looks are more feminine and voluminous at the shoulders, while others feature a strong, severe, angular look at the top of the arm. Both have a vintage feel, that beckons back to the days of ’80s prom dresses and power suits.

Bucket Hats

Style inspiration from the ’80s and ’90s is not going anywhere! Bucket hats are back in style! Well, these hats never really went anywhere, but they have been seen everywhere this year. This is a style that was also seen on the fall 2019 runways, so it’s safe to say that bucket hats will be a big trend for all of 2019.

Drop Earrings

Jewelry and other accessory trends are fun because you can partake in a trend with just one pair of earrings, or a stylish bracelet. You can spend less than $20 and still be in style. What you buy won’t take too much space in your closet either. One of the big jewelry trends for 2019 are drop, or dangle, earrings. Chances are, you already own some!

Headbands and Barrettes

We couldn’t leave out the hair accessories! In addition to bows seen in hair this year, you probably have seen barrettes, decorated bobby pins, and statement headbands all over the place. The pins and barrettes are often stacked on one side of the head; the even bolder have put them all over their hair.


Tie-dye has been around for ages, originating in places such as India, Japan, Africa, and China. It also was a part of pop culture and fashion during the late 1960s. Well, it’s now a big trend for 2019. From pastel hoodies to sophisticated suiting, there are all kinds of iterations of this far-out trend.

Two Bags

Why rock one handbag when you can rock two?! Carrying two bags is a trend for 2019. Some looks featured one smaller bag carried with a larger tote or duffel bag. Others featured two bags that were more similar in size. Try the combo that works for you! We all need more space to hold all our stuff, no?

Feathers and Fringe

Just adding a little something extra like some feather trim can take a top or pair of jeans to the next level. And it adds even more glam to the already chic! For 2019, we are going to see a lot of feathers and fringe. Fringe can add a fun flapper, western, or boho touch to most anything. These are both styles which are easy to DIY!

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