The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Mercury Retrograde

It’s that time of the year again: Mercury is retrograde. This happens and you’re wondering if that means you have to cancel those travel plans or get a new smart phone?

You’ve probably heard wacky stories of how technology goes bonkers and planes get lost in the Bermuda Triangle. There are enough conspiracy theories floating around regarding Mercury Retrograde, but this article was written to help give you clarity and a practical understanding for how to navigate this and all future Mercury Retrograde cycles.

So, what is Mercury Retrograde?

It’s simply the illusion that Mercury is going backwards. It’s not really going backwards but it will cosmically feel like it’s backtracking.

Because of this illusion, this retrograde period is a great time to lean into the past. Mercury Retrograde is known as a time for the “RE’s” which I classify as “reassess,” “revisit,” “reminisce,” “reflect,” and “research.” This is a time for going inward and doing some personal development work.

One thing many mainstream articles leave out is that Mercury Retrograde is a time to focus on the house which Mercury is retrograding in. Beyond the surface understanding of Mercury Retrograde, it works to your advantage to delve into more advanced research so that you can really leverage the next three weeks to your advantage.

First you want to identify the details for your natal chart. This will outline what signs are placed in your houses. There are 12 houses in total.

1st House: This is the house of YOU. This is also known as the ascendant which is how you express to the world. The first house deals with how you identify, your personality, how you look, self-awareness, and how you initiate. If Mercury goes retrograde in your 1st house, then perhaps this is the time to re-evaluate how you are showing up in the world.




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