How to Brunch Like Jennifer Lopez

Sunday brunch is absolutely one of my favorite ways to spend the day. Although it can be a little stressful getting everything ready for a big day, it always ends well: Friends have fun, we eat good food and, despite the obvious clean-up, I get to see all of my favorite people in one room. But hugs and kisses all around wouldn’t be the same without a fantastic table and beautiful decorations, just like our fave Jennifer Lopez demonstrated recently in an Instagram photo.

To be honest, I was super impressed by her recent demonstration of how to do #SundayVibes right. Her table was beautifully set, the food looked amazing (as did she) and she had plenty of bubbly to celebrate with her loved ones. If you want to brunch like J.Lo (and who wouldn’t?), here are 10 tips and tricks for rocking a gorgeous table just like superstar.

Come up with a classy color scheme.

One of the reasons that J.Lo’s brunch looks so incredible is because she clearly has a knack for color design. The way her simple wooden table looks beautifully adorned with white plates, gold silverware and gold-adorned napkins is incredible. When setting your own table for brunch, the first thing you should do is come up with a color scheme that works with whatever party you’re throwing.




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