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Sunday brunch is absolutely one of my favorite ways to spend the day

How to Brunch Like J.Lo HipLatina

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Sunday brunch is absolutely one of my favorite ways to spend the day. Although it can be a little stressful getting everything ready for a big day, it always ends well: Friends have fun, we eat good food and, despite the obvious clean-up, I get to see all of my favorite people in one room. But hugs and kisses all around wouldn’t be the same without a fantastic table and beautiful decorations, just like our fave Jennifer Lopez demonstrated recently in an Instagram photo.

To be honest, I was super impressed by her recent demonstration of how to do #SundayVibes right. Her table was beautifully set, the food looked amazing (as did she) and she had plenty of bubbly to celebrate with her loved ones. If you want to brunch like J.Lo (and who wouldn’t?), here are 10 tips and tricks for rocking a gorgeous table just like superstar.

Come up with a classy color scheme.

One of the reasons that J.Lo’s brunch looks so incredible is because she clearly has a knack for color design. The way her simple wooden table looks beautifully adorned with white plates, gold silverware and gold-adorned napkins is incredible. When setting your own table for brunch, the first thing you should do is come up with a color scheme that works with whatever party you’re throwing.


Get white plates to make your food shine.

Another reason why J.Lo’s brunch table looks so spectacular is because she masterfully chose white plates for her table. While this may seem like a boring choice, it’s actually genius: White plates will make your food stand out and help you get that insta-perfect picture. If they’re not colorful, then they won’t be fighting with the rest of your color scheme either and will look simply beautiful on your table.


Bright-colored flowers will set the mood.

For her table, J.Lo picked bright yellow roses and the look pretty amazing on her table. You’ll want to make sure that there is something similar adorning your very own table, even if they’re just there for decoration. Personally, I am always a fan of brightly colored flowers and can’t get enough of the bouquets I get at my local supermarket that include a variety of gorgeous flowers in whatever colors match my table.


Mix and match your napkins with your silverware.

Gold is clearly a part of her color scheme, which is why J.Lo’s brunch table is beautifully adorned with gold silverware (spoons, knives and forks) and napkins that are gold and white. It all comes together with her plates and general decor. You’ll want to do the same if you want to have a rockin’ gorgeous brunch just like Jenny from the Block. No matter what your colors are for your table, make sure that your napkins and your silverware coordinate.


Make sure you have all the right glasses.

For a truly awesome brunch, you’ll want to have more than just one type of cup. Do like J.Lo and have at least one cup for juice or water and another cup for anyone that wants a brunch cocktail. However, you probably can’t go wrong if you also want to give everyone their own mugs for tea or cafecito. You’ll be sure to keep all of your guests happy once they have plenty of options to indulge in their favorite morning drinks.


Adorn your table with fruit and snacks, too.

This one is especially crucial before you have all of the food on the table, trust us. Make sure that your table has some snack-like things, such as fresh fruit (like grapes and chopped strawberries) and nuts. This way, as you finish up your cooking, your guests can munch on something delicious as they await the main course.


Don’t forget to get all of the bubbly.

Brunch is all about the cocktails, isn’t it? Well, okay, the actual reason for brunch is to get together with friends and family—the Champagne is just the happy addition. J.Lo equipped her table with everything she might need to satisfy her guests: From sparkling water to orange juice and, of course, all the right kinds of wine. Whether you’re a rosé fan or prefer something simpler, make sure to get extras.


Set your decorating scheme with seasonal goodies.

Did you notice that beautiful leaf that is sticking out of the napkin at the very front of the table? I sure did! That’s one of the unique, seasonal touches that J.Lo put on her brunch table—and one that you should definitely copy ASAP. Whatever season you’re throwing your brunch during will have its own unique seasonal markers. In the summer, you could include seashells to represent the beach. In the winter, it might be a pretty but bare tree branch. In the spring, maybe fresh wildflowers? Go wild with your imagination here and let the seasons inspire you.


Have all of the right foods, of course.

It took a while to get here but of course one of the main things you need for brunch is GREAT FOOD. What would brunch be without food, right? You can start by making some breakfast tacos as appetizers. Then make sure to move on to the main dish(es): traditional chilaquiles and chorizo breakfast burritos. And, of course, for dessert you’ll want to make a s’mores dip or a classic Latin dish like a simple and delicious flan. You’re welcome!


Take some time to prep yourself, too!

Last but not least, you’ll want to save some time during your brunch prep in order to make yourself look good too. It shouldn’t be all about your impressive brunch table (though it’s sure to be pretty darn impressive) but take a cue from J.Lo’s gorgeous eye makeup and take a little break before serving up brunch to take care of *you*. Whether that means relaxing with a glass of wine before you open the doors to your house and welcome everyone or take a bath and get a blow out, make sure that you don’t just focus on playing a perfect hostess but enjoy the time for yourself as well.

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