9 of the Most Relatable Memes to Share on Singles Awareness Day

Singles Awareness Day (or Singles Appreciation Day) is the unofficial holiday of las solteras

Singles Awareness Day

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Singles Awareness Day (or Singles Appreciation Day) is the unofficial holiday of las solteras. And when Lunay said “esta soletera, esta de moda” he wasn’t kidding. According to a recent study, nearly 60 percent of millennials are single and have never been married. No, they’re not ruining Valentine’s Day, they’re just reinventing it. If you’re feeling anxiety over having to scroll your feed and see couples’ PDA while sitting on your couch, we’ve got you covered. These nine Singles Awareness memes will make you laugh and help you feel better about living the single life.


Just Remember the One You Really Love

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You don’t have to make reservations at some fancy restaurant. Cook yourself a nice meal, set the mood with a self-love playlist, and let yourself know exactly how you feel about yourself.


The One Time Being The Third Wheel Pays Off

Valentine's Day Torta Single Awareness

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Let’s be real, a torta sounds way better than a box of chocolates. Enjoy your torta and the fact you don’t have to share.


This is A Major Upgrade From the Usual Dinner And A Movie Date


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There’s just no better feeling of warm cobija. It’s even better when your mom tucks you in. This Latino staple will guarantee you the best sleep of you life too.


Y El Novio?

Valentine's Singles Awareness Day Meme

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When people ask you about how your love life is going you can say, “Cada Dia Mazola.” This is the perfect meme for the family group chat when they start asking about your novio.


Food is My Love Language

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It goes without saying that Valentine’s Day will be very different this year. But the #singlelife elements will remain the same. Cheese is life after all.


Calmate o Te Calmo!

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We honestly have a love/hate relationship with the chancla. We hate getting it from our mom but never say no to some target chancla practice.


The Only Bouquet That Really Matters

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If you’re in a committed relationship with chicken nuggets, why not celebrate it? Watching the sunset with your chicken nugget bouquet sounds like a great date to us.


Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue


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Treat yo’ self girl! People say you can’t send yourself flowers, but those rules aren’t real. There’s nothing wrong with wanting nice things and treating yourself to them.


Mo’ Money, Mo’  Problems

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Just think of all the money you’ll save! You can take that money and buy all the V-day candy when it’s half off the very next day. Chocolate city – here we come!

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