9 Latinas Who’ve Clapped Back When Told They’re Not ‘Latina Enough’

If you grew up as a young Latina immigrant in the U.S. or are a U.S.-born Latina, then you’ve probably heard at one time or another that you are not “Latina enough.” We’re all honestly tired of hearing that but some Latina actresses are here to tell haters to back off.

Most recently, Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui stood up on her Twitter account to those who were saying that she is not a “real” Latina because she wasn’t born in a Latin American country. Many other Latinas in Hollywood have faced the same kind of negative thinking, especially from those who think that you need to speak Spanish in order to call yourself a Latina. But identifying as a Latinx person is about more than one particular thing (like language or where you were born), as these 9 Latinas who clapped back to haters can tell you.

Gina Rodriguez

The Jane the Virgin star spoke out against anyone who tells another person that they are not enough for any reason, such as those who think that all Latinxs must speak Spanish.




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