5 Questions to Ask Yourself For the Last Full Moon of 2018

The last days of the year are among us and everything under the sun is asking us to plan 2019, set those goals and plan to succeed in all areas of your life

Photo: Unsplash/@drewtilk

Photo: Unsplash/@drewtilk

The last days of the year are among us and everything under the sun is asking us to plan 2019, set those goals and plan to succeed in all areas of your life. But I’m asking and encouraging you to take a pause and reflect on the wild rides this year has taken you on before looking ahead to the new year. The last twelve months have inevitably come with hard lessons, setbacks, and uncelebrated accomplishments.

Take a moment during December’s full moon on the 22nd, a.k.a. The Cold Moon, to reflect and write down 5 very important things that you will thank me for later.

  1. What gave you energy this year?
  2. What depleted your energy this year?
  3. What is one thing you did this year that you are proud of?
  4. What is a lesson you learned this year?
  5. What are you ready to let go of before the new year?

Yes, these are not easy questions. They aren’t meant to be. But without reflection, you might find yourself pressed in the new year and at a crossroads. In other words, you need to know where you have been in order to know where you’re going. And, that last question will lead you into a full moon ritual with your eyes wide open.

Clean your space. Light a candle. Get your palo santo, sage or incense even. Take a few deep breaths until you feel centered. Make sure your pieces of paper are handy. You may notice that you’re a bit emotional and that’s okay. The full moon’s energy has a way of bringing everything up to surface. Honor that. Don’t forget to whip out those crystals. Move forward and write.


In honor of the full moon, we thought it would be to your benefit to see how much we’ve learned in the last twelve months from all of the different brujas we’ve had the pleasure of hearing from.

In January, we learned how vital it was to ask yourself specific questions before moving forward in order to know what to bring into your life. Then, in February, because of the full moon being in Pisces we were asked to emotionally surrender, which can be a feat on its own let alone under a full moon.

In March, the full moon’s focus was on partnerships and friendships as it was in Libra, tarot reader, womb healing, and plant bruja Mia Fortuna said, “people will be seeking balance with those closest to them. If relationships or friendships aren’t stable, people will be forced to face it right now.”


In other words, did you find yourself shedding more than just skin? Boundaries are healthy and sometimes when we set them we find out who our friends truly are. April’s full moon was in the intense sign of Scorpio: known for it’s deep and transformative energy. We learned from astrologist and founder of The Indigo Tribe Rebecca Wheelock that in order to work with the full moon’s energy we had to flow with Scorpio’s intensity and harness that energy in the most beneficial way.

Then in May, chakra certified and reiki healer Annie The Alchemist taught us to be ridiculously specific with your intentions. For example, replace “I want to travel more” with “I want to go to New Orleans in 2018 but not pay for it.” See what happens, the universe might surprise you, because the universe responds to details.

June’s full moon taught how the moon’s energy was the best time to get a haircut as well as doing cleansing rituals, according to health coach and yoga therapist Josie Castaneda. She said the Buck Moon was the reflection everyone was going to get but didn’t want it only because it was smack right in the middle of the year. But, if you listened to her, then you actually made that energy work in your favor.

Luz Warrior a.k.a. Linda Garcia’s advice said July’s full moon was jam-packed with energy to help ease us into change. And, that we could use this opportunity to create our own full moon rituals. Because while there may be sound advice, only you know what will resonate with you the most during this time. Always follow your intuition.

However, she did share one of her go-to rituals.

“One of my favorite rituals for myself is to revisit my intentions that were set on the new moon, read them if they need to be tweaked and then sit outside and meditate under the full moon,” Luz Warrior says. “I break down my meditation in two parts, the first half where I quiet the mind and the second half where I use my third eye to envision my intentions fully manifested.”

August’s full moon was ruled by the planet Neptune, associated with our dreams, imagination, and emotional sensitivity says Jennifer Lucero-Earle, ArcanaDance™ creator & movement facilitator with 30+ years experience with tarot.

Lucero-Earl taught us that if you have bottled up emotions in the days or weeks prior to the full moon, you might notice that they rise to the surface and feel almost explosive, everything in you might want resolution or catharsis but you have to honor the release that needs to happen.

Fair warning: when this happens, you will feel peaceful exhaustion after the full moon. September’s powerful Harvest Moon invited founder of La Brujas Club and fellow bruja Nathalie Farfan to share with us how the full moon could be used as a guiding light with a chance to journal, smudge cleanse, meditate, dance or do all of the above.



The full moon in October taught us to take a closer look at the seeds we planted and do away with what wasn’t growing. Complete with a mantra: “if it ain’t growing, it’s dying” by no other than mind, body and soul wellness creator Melanie Santos. She shared with us how she taps into the full moon’s energy as a way of healing and working with her anxiety and depression.

With November’s full moon, aka Buck Moon, we learned an alternative way to work with the moon’s energy from Solaris the Hii Priestess who loves creating rituals for the full moon that deal with the element of the sign the moon is in. For example, one full moon was in Scorpio, which carries the element of water. So, she created a water memory ritual which called for everyone to speak positive intentions into water.

Every month there was a different theme that focused on a different sector of our lives allowing us to take a deeper look in if we only dared to. By reflecting we would honor setbacks, practice acceptance, and celebrate the moments where we got a win. If nothing else, take the time to honor your intuition. With each full moon that comes, always remember to look within, because you always have the answer.

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